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Debut Untitled Series 7 special
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Medivals
Position  ?
Gender Preference Male
Color Grey
Special Features Axe
Cannon nose
Likes  ?
Dislikes Nixels
Quote "I didn't ask to be captain. I just want to be like the rest of you."[1]
Voice Actor  ?
Game Abilities  ?
Camillot Image
Series 7
Item Number 41557
Packaging Grey bag
No. of Pieces 64
Price US Flag $4.99

CA Flag $5.99
EU Flag €3.99
UK Flag £2.99
DK Flag 29.95 kr

In-Booklet Code  ?

Camillot is a Medival Mixel.



This royal Mixel always had servants, who took care of everything in his life. But now Camillot gets acquainted with all the citizens of Mixopolis and is learning the art of mixing. Sometimes, however, this royal figure will accidentally hurt someone with his ax arm when people try to pass him by!

Physical Appearance

Camillot has a gray, castle-shaped head with a red flag on top. He has two eyes, what appears to be a brown moustache, and a black nose shaped like a cannon. The pattern on his bottom jaw resembles stones, and his arms are gray and brown. He has mainly brown feet with gold toes that have stripes.




Early life


First adventures


Further adventures


Memorable Quotes

None so far.

Set Information

Camillot will be released as part of the Series 7 Mixels sets in the February 2016 product wave. His set number is 41557 and will contain 54 pieces.

In-Booklet Code


Background Information

  • He was one of the first Series 7 Mixels revealed, and was also the first of his tribe revealed.
  • His name is a combination of the name Camille and the word "Camelot".
    • Alternatively, it could just be a misspelling of Camelot.


  • He is the second Mixel to only have one hand, the first being Kramm.
  • His feet are similar to Kamzo, while his toes are similar to those of Niksput and Wuzzo.
  • Paladum is his pet.
  • He uses a new ball-joint piece.
  • He is the only Medivals Mixel who is not cycloptic.
    • He is also the only member to have two legs. Mixadel and Paladum have four legs.

Behind the Scenes

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Camillot was first revealed as a character in the Mixels franchise on July 9, 2015 at San Diego Comic-Con International, and only his LEGO set was shown.


Main article: Camillot/Gallery


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Season 3



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