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*Meet [[Slumbo]] - Slumbo slides around on an ice cube.
*Meet [[Slumbo]] - Slumbo slides around on an ice cube.
*Chomly Is Upset
*Chomly Is Upset
*Lunk Is Upset
*Lunk Is Upset - Lunk cries and drops down ices.
==Cutscenes added in Version 3.0==
==Cutscenes added in Version 3.0==
*Meet the [[Glorp Corp]]!
*Meet the [[Glorp Corp]]!

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The following is a list of cutscenes that appear or are unlocked in Calling All Mixels.

Original Cutscenes

  • Game Intro
  • Meet The Cragsters!
  • Meet The Electroids!
  • Meet The Infernites!
  • Oh, No! Nixels!
  • You Found A Rainbow Cubit!
  • Let's Use A Cubit
  • Meet Flain - Flain does a disco dance.
  • Meet Krader- Krader digs up with his fist and cheers.
  • Meet Seismo - Seismo does a bit of a dance by stomping his feet rapidly.
  • Meet Shuff - Shuff pops up from the ground and says "Oh yeah!" a couple times.
  • Meet Teslo - Teslo laughs and shocks himself.
  • Meet Volectro - Volectro laughs and makes fireworks.
  • Meet Vulk - Vulk does cartwheels and laughs.
  • Meet Zaptor - Zaptor jumps and shocks himself.
  • Meet Zorch - Zorch runs around rapidly while laughing.
  • Flain Is Upset - Flain kneels down on the ground and bangs his head on the floor constantly.
  • Shuff Is Upset - Shuff rolls around on the ground.
  • Zaptor Is Upset - Zaptor jumps and shocks himself.
  • Krader Is Upset- Krader hits his face and then digs away.
  • Crazy Nixels
  • Nixel Stampede
  • Nixel Attack
  • Let's Roll Away
  • Nixel Close Encounter

Cutscenes added in Version 2.0

  • Meet the Fang Gang!
  • Meet the Flexers!
  • Meet the Frosticons!
  • Meet Balk - Balk tap-dances and breakdances.
  • Meet Tentro - Tentro pretends he's a robot.
  • Meet Kraw - Kraw bounces around while laughing.
  • Meet Gobba - Gobba slides across the screen.
  • Meet Jawg - Jawg licks the screen.
  • Meet Chomly - Chomly pulls a cake out of his mouth.
  • Meet Flurr - Flurr flies around the screen, then lands on his back.
  • Meet Lunk - Lunk wakes up from a nap to say "Yay!" then goes back to sleep.
  • Meet Slumbo - Slumbo slides around on an ice cube.
  • Chomly Is Upset
  • Lunk Is Upset - Lunk cries and drops down ices.

Cutscenes added in Version 3.0

  • Meet the Glorp Corp!
  • Meet the Spikels!
  • Meet the Wiztastics!
  • Meet Glomp
  • Meet Torts - Torts spins around and slimes the screen.
  • Meet Glurt
  • Meet Footi - Footi does some ballet.
  • Meet Scorpi
  • Meet Hoogi - Hoogi claps.
  • Meet Magnifo
  • Meet Mesmo - Mesmo says "Hooray." as balloons fly in the background.
  • Meet Wizwuz - Wizwuz creates a happy face magic cloud.
  • Footi Is Upset
  • Glomp Is Upset
  • Glurt Is Upset
  • Hoogi Is Upset
  • Magnifo Is Upset
  • Mesmo Is Upset
  • Scorpi Is Upset
  • Torts Is Upset
  • Wizwuz Is Upset - Wizwuz creates a magic cloud of a sad face.
  • Crazy Nixels
  • Nixels 1, 2, 3...
  • Smacker
  • Party Time
  • Balk Is Upset
  • Flurr Is Upset - Flurr cries ice-cube tears that freeze him.
  • Gobba Is Upset - Gobba creates a sad totem.
  • Jawg Is Upset
  • Kraw Is Upset
  • Seismo Is Upset - Seismo stomps his feet so much that he creates a pothole, which he falls in.
  • Slumbo Is Upset
  • Tentro Is Upset
  • Final Say


  • Some of these bonus clips are used in the character videos on the Cartoon Network website.
  • Vulk, Zorch, Teslo, and Volectro are the only Mixels in the game that do not have Upset videos.
  • Animations from some of these cutscenes were recycled in some scenes of Epic Comedy Adventure.
  • Various cutscenes were used in The Wonderful World of Mixels.
  • There were four unused cutscenes, each being various Mixing animations from


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