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With the success of any popular media franchise, bootlegs usually follow suit. Mixels is no stranger to this. Here is a list of all of the known bootlegs of Mixels.

LEGO bootlegs

Wange Monsters

Wange Monsters is a direct bootleg of Mixels. The pieces are larger than standard LEGO bricks, along with some drastic character design changes. The series contains six figures. The characters were given descriptor names originally, but given proper names from various releases.[1]

The "iiFun" brand by Grin Studios is a copy of this same brand. Only two characters were released under this label.

The logo of Wange Monsters.


  • Chomper the Iron Teeth Beast (Grim Jaw in the iiFun label) - Knock-off of Gobba.
  • Cyclo the Eye Beast (Scorpio in the iiFun label) - Knock-off of Kraw.
  • Grunt the Smart Beast - Knock-off of Hoogi.
  • Scuttle the Multi-Legged Beast - Knock-off of Tentro.
  • Shooter the Helm Beast - Knock-off of Torts.
  • Tortoy the Turtle Beast - Knock-off of Balk.

Mixels Elf (Creative Variety)

Mixels Elf by Lele is a direct bootleg of Mixels. The series contains eight figures, though instructions hinted other characters were bootlegged as well.


  • TeddyLele

    An example Lele set: Teddy (Shuff)

    Ares - Knock-off of Flain.
  • Red Beast - Knock-off of Vulk.
  • Lightning - Knock-off of Zorch.
  • Flames King Combination - Knock-off of the Infernites Max.
  • Locke - Knock-off of Krader.
  • Knight - Knock-off of Seismo.
  • Teddy - Knock-off of Shuff.
  • Black Devil - Knock-off of the Cragsters Max.

Mixels by Weagle

Mixels by Weagle is a direct bootleg of Mixels. The series contains eight figures.


An example Weagle set: the Electroids Max.


Mixels by Bogo

Mixels by Bogo is a direct bootleg of Mixels. The series contains nine figures.

KD117052 1

Glorp Corp set.


Mobile apps

Little Doctor Ear For: Mixels Version

Little ear doctor avatar

Game icon.

Little Doctor Ear For: Mixels Version is a defunct app by Ana Maria Diverio, and a direct bootleg of Mixels.

Scary Mixels


The game's homescreen, featuring stolen artwork.

Scary Mixels is a defunct app and a direct bootleg of Mixels. The game's home screen contains stolen artwork by DeviantArt user Katonator.


  • Despite Mixels ending in 2016, many bootlegs weren't made until 2017.


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