Booger blue team

Booger murped



Booger with Hat

Debut Every Knight Has Its Day
Last Appearance Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Nicknames (aka) Good sir (Camillot)
Kid (King Nixel)
Tribe Glorp Corp
Position Member
Gender Preference Male
Color Green
Dark Green
Special Features Short height
Slimy feet
Likes Camillot
Dislikes Losing
Quote "This is gonna be a Mixel-licking for the history books."
Voice Actor Tom Kenny
Game Abilities  ?

Knock it off, Booger.

Booger is a Glorp Corp Mixel.



Booger is a bit snarky in his personality, but very loyal to his close friends. He's a little bit of a coward in fearful situations, but is able to turn around with the right amount of encouragement. He is a bit of a troublemaker and sometimes acts out in class, but will quickly quiet down when scolded.

Physical Appearance

Booger has a short, light green, semi-circular body with a light green lip and a single eye in the middle. He has a normal red tongue. On the top of his head are two, dark green ears. The bottom of his body is a dark green stripe. He has dark green arms and hands, with a light green pattern starting from each start from his arms. His feet are short, light green, have dark green accents on the back of each of them, and there is slime constantly on it. Sometimes, he will wear a green baseball cap.


Booger attends Mixopolis Middle School. He became close friends with Camillot after he decided to help him decide what seat he should choose in Mixing 101. He also played Murp Ball with Camillot in gym.

Booger then went on a field trip to the Mixopolis Zoo with his Mixing 101 class, appearing in multiple mixes to help defeat the Mixeloptors set loose by Mixadel. ("Every Knight Has Its Day")

He later went on to save Mixopolis from the Nixels' new "Eye Cubit" fad which ended up nixing Mixels, as he dislikes the idea of a world with no color and no mixing. He had the last non-Eye Cubit in Mixopolis, which came in handy. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away").

Memorable Quotes

  • "Tell you what, I'll take this one." - Booger, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Fire at will! Hold the line!" - Booger, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Yeah, well, you were the team leader. And leaders have to make decisions." - Booger, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Whatever, man." - Booger, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Are you nuts?! I’d rather stay here and cower in fear." - Booger, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "I got three words for you: coordinated, group, dancing!" - Booger, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


  • His feet are similar to Gurggle's, as they are covered in slime.
  • He spews slime from his mouth whenever he sneezes.
  • In Nixel Nixel Go Away, he is seen wearing a green hat rather than his original look.

Behind the Scenes


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, Booger's voice is provided by Tom Kenny.

Real-life history

Early development

Concept art shows that Booger was originally going to have a green-colored tongue and a different colored pattern on his arms.


Booger debuted in the TV series on March 5, 2016 in Every Knight Has Its Day. He does not have a LEGO set.


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TV series

Season 2




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