Cubim4 wrote: For those who don't know me, I used to be Boycat2004/BoycatOfficial and my old wikia account was Flamzer The Mixel before it got deleted. Anyway, this may sound a bit egotistical to say, but it's a bit true. I honestly think that I, when I was Boycat, was a very influential Mixels YouTuber, considering the fact I had a video with over 300K views, and got over 2000 subscribers from before I quit Mixels content. My LEGO videos especially gave the idea to others of using their own LEGO Mixels and playing with them on video, like I did, starting with "Nurp-Naut goes fishing" in December 2014. But my most popular had to have been my 200 subscriber special "Mix Competition" with over 8K views. (seriously, why this one, it was one of my more worse Mixel videos tbh). Honestly, I expected more views on one of my LEGO Mixel videos but whatever. The past is the past. I do sometimes miss the good ol' days when I started YouTube to make Mixels content. Not to mention, I did inspire people like Peyton, Straight Up Awesome, and many, lesser known ones. But where did I get my inspiration? Well, I had a small interest into Mixels that started in about May or June of 2014. Shortly after the release of Series 2. My first five Mixels in order were Lunk & Balk, Krader & Flurr, and Kraw (some I bought together). Anyway, the real reason I started videos was SpiderMonkeyFX's Stop-motion Mixels videos. (at least I think that was his name). He was the one who inspired me to start. In fact, I don't even think I told anyone that before, or heck, I don't even think I realized it until now. Anyway, that's pretty much all. I was just on the wiki to look back at all the memories I had in 2014-2016. But yeah. That is all.  -Cubim4 (aka Boycat)

I agree that were a very influential Mixels YTer.

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