So yeah this show is rebooted for the second time :D

Before the sign ups, I just wanna put up a poll here on the mixel characters allowed in this game.

A : Canon Mixel Characters Series 1-9 (only)

B : Canon Background Mixel Characters (like Teacher and Booger) (only)

C : Both A and B

D : Fanon Mixel Characters / Mixsona (only)

E : All Mixel Characters Allowed

EDIT : I decided to end the voting peroid early cause I'm rather sure that everybody will pick E.

So yeah, signups are now open :)

just tell me which Mixel character you want to be and I'll put it in the list below.

(It can be canon or fanon)

People who signed up (and who they signed up as) :

- Chilbo (ChillyFreeze) (CANON)

- Shooti (creepermanrules) (MIXSONA)

- Invunt (Meester Feesh) (MIXSONA)

- Flip (Flipfan) (MIXSONA)

- Buferd (TheMeltusMixel554) (MIXSONA)

- Drichael (MixelSark) (MIXSONA)

- Gri-Ikk (Gkoliver) (MIXSONA)

- Tuth (Wilfur The Wicked) (CANON)

- Luqman2 (LuqmanulhakimTheGreat2003) (MIXSONA)

- Chiyo (Takara.Vamzer.Senpai) (MIXSONA)

- Jamzy (Theamazingmixie) (CANON)

- Crabinet (Epic Emerson) (MIXSONA)


Finally, I decided to announce the very first challenge.

Before that, let me show you the  process of this game :

1. During each challenge, you are provided with a certain amount of time to complete each challenge, it usually ranges from 1 week to 2 weeks. (There may be exceptions depending on the difficulty of the challenge) 

2. After the deadline of the challenge, I will calculate the results, it may take a few days or more.

3. When the results are announced, the bottom two that have the lowest scores in the team that loses (users are rewarded with points for each challenge) will face elimination. Other users will have to vote out one user. (if there's a tiebreaker, I will use a random roulette webpage to decide who is out)

^ (That applies when the users are divided to 2 teams, when the contestant number decreases to 6, there will be no more teams. Instead, users have to battle individually.) 

(NOTE : If you don't do the challenge within the time given, you will get a strike, if you get 2 strikes, you will be eliminated automatically. If you did the challenge after you got 1 strike, your strike counter will be back at 0)

Onto the challenge, today's challenge is

Coming up with a team name!

The rules are simple, just come up with a team name, and make sure it is epic and cool enough :)

The two which have the best team names will be the team leaders and their team names will be the ones they suggested. 

I will judge the names on a scale of 0-10 (I will also give a brief comment on the entries)

(You have a total of 5 days to complete this challenge)


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