So yeah this show is rebooted for the second time :D

Before the sign ups, I just wanna put up a poll here on the mixel characters allowed in this game.

A : Canon Mixel Characters Series 1-9 (only)

B : Canon Background Mixel Characters (like Teacher and Booger) (only)

C : Both A and B

D : Fanon Mixel Characters / Mixsona (only)

E : All Mixel Characters Allowed

EDIT : I decided to end the voting peroid early cause I'm rather sure that everybody will pick E.

So yeah, signups are now open :)

just tell me which Mixel character you want to be and I'll put it in the list below.

(It can be canon or fanon)

People who signed up (and who they signed up as) :

- Chilbo (ChillyFreeze) (CANON)

- Shooti (creepermanrules) (MIXSONA)

- Invunt (Meester Feesh) (MIXSONA)

- Flip (Flipfan) (MIXSONA)

- Buferd (TheMeltusMixel554) (MIXSONA)

- Drichael (MixelSark) (MIXSONA)

- Gri-Ikk (Gkoliver) (MIXSONA)

- Tuth (Wilfur The Wicked) (CANON)

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