People who didn't do the challenge

- Shooti (creepermanrules) (MIXSONA)

- Invunt (Meester Feesh) (MIXSONA)

- Buferd (TheMeltusMixel554) (MIXSONA)

- Gri-Ikk (Gkoliver) (MIXSONA)

- Luqman2 (LuqmanulhakimTheGreat2003) (MIXSONA)

- Chiyo (Takara.Vamzer.Senpai) (MIXSONA)

- Jamzy (Theamazingmixie) (CANON)

- Crabinet (Epic Emerson) (MIXSONA)

A message has been sent to the message walls for those who didn't do the challenge so that they are reminded to do the next challenge if they do not want to be eliminated.


- Chilbo (ChillyFreeze) (CANON)

Maximum Mixeloptors (NOTE : Cool use of alliteration) 8/10

- Drichael (MixelSark) (MIXSONA)

The Mix Masters (NOTE : Nice and simple) 6/10

- Tuth (Wilfur The Wicked) (CANON)

Mixalovania (NOTE : Fair enough) 5/10

- Flip (Flipfan) (MIXSONA)

MIXHED (?) (NOTE : Um, is this suppose to be the team name you suggested?) 3/10

:Congrats to ChillyFreeze and MixelSark, you guys will be the team captains:

And now the teams will be randomized. (sorry not sorry)

Maximum Mixeloptors

CAPTAIN: Chilbo (ChillyFreeze) (CANON)

MEMBERS: Invunt (Meester Feesh) (MIXSONA)

Buferd (TheMeltusMixel554) (MIXSONA)

Jamzy (Theamazingmixie) (CANON)

Luqman2 (LuqmanulhakimTheGreat2003) (MIXSONA)

Tuth (Wilfur The Wicked) (CANON)


The Mix Masters

CAPTAIN: Drichael (MixelSark) (MIXSONA)

MEMBERS: Crabinet (Epic Emerson) (MIXSONA)

Chiyo (Takara.Vamzer.Senpai) (MIXSONA)Shooti (creepermanrules) (MIXSONA)Gri-Ikk (Gkoliver) (MIXSONA)Flip (Flipfan) (MIXSONA) ----- Now that the teams are set, it's time to move on to the next challenge. (Challenge 2 will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned) 

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