That is right guys, I am back. I am the guy who made the OC Mixel tribe the Longsters. But I am mainly known for Longspike, which is my avatar picture. Anyways, there is something I never had said that was important at the time.

    At the time of joining this wiki, I was about nine or ten years old, so yeah, I was underage for having an account here (if that rule even applies anymore to this wiki). But regardless, I am now fourteen, so yeah. 
    So anyways, one day, I decided I would start building my mixels back together. I ended up building quite a few of them back, and I am still continuing to do that. I even bought a few online.
    I can not believe that there are still active people on this wiki. I figured it was abondoned after the show was canceled.
    Anyways, if you have any questions for me, just ask down below.
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