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Boone is an Glowkies and Infernites hybrid. He is the son of Boogly and Meltus in Mixels.

  • 1 Character Bio
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Physical Appearance
  • 4 Abilities
    • 4.1 Origin
  • 5 Trivia

Boone is an Glowkies and Infernites hybrid. He is the son of Boogly and Meltus. He is Burnard, Flamzer, Globert, and Vampos' uncle. He who lived in Glowkie Caves or Magma Wastelands in Mixels.

Boone also has personality from both Boogly and Meltus.

Boone has a bulgy, mole-like body with two bug-like, segmented appendages on both sides, a long red tail, and a jaw with a black underbite with four teeth pointing up, which resembles a triangle pointed upside-down. At the top of the body is a navy blue overbite with two teeth tapered on with a grey nose emitting flames and one cycloptic e…

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Flash Shows Flash Shows 17 October

Background Mixels in Mixels Unite

Background Mixels in Mixels Unite. but the background characters that share the same models will look different.

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Cartoongirl3890 Cartoongirl3890 3 September

My Human AU Squiddo Headcanon Bio

Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/avistella/art/OC-Biography-Template-406830870

  • 1 General
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Health
  • 4 Mental/Emotional State
  • 5 Conversation
  • 6 Likes/Dislikes
  • 7 Hobbies
  • 8 Habits
  • 9 Strengths/Weaknesses
  • 10 Skills/Abilities
  • 11 Education/Intelligence
  • 12 Secrets
  • 13 Fears
  • 14 Dreams/Goals
  • 15 Views/Opinions on...
  • 16 Favourites
  • 17 History
  • 18 Personality
  • 19 Relationships
  • 21 Trivia

Full Name: Sakura Akari Ito

Reason for name: Descriptive

Nickname: Saku

Reason for nickname: Affectionate Nickname, she often nicknamed that by Camilla

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Birthday: June 18, 1991

Currently living in: Mixopolis, California, United States

Species/Race: Human

Ethnicity: Japanese

Blood Type: A

Occupation: 7th grade student at North Mixopolis Middle School

Social Statu…

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If Calling All Mixels Had a Series 4 Update



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Okay so I know that I’m inactive on here and this might be my first post in three years but I just want to say that I apologize for being a fool back in the day, both on here and on Deviantart. I made a lot of mistakes and I just want to say I’m sorry, I’ll try not to make this like a sappy YouTube apology video. Y’all are cool and it’s fine to have whatever opinions you have, and I’m sorry for the dumb mistakes I’ve made. In any case, I’m impressed by how active this wiki is over four years after the end of Mixels, it just shows how dedicated of a community you are. I just want to say that I’ve grown from where I was back when I was active and I just want to let you all know that.

Enjoy life,

— Trigger

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Pi143cat Pi143cat 17 May


this is the first post ever

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Derpguy109 Derpguy109 7 May

Mixels Saw Game 3

Mixels Saw Game 3

The Evil Pigsaw and Teridax has kidnapped Mixels! Help Mixels escape them!

Location: Magma Wastelands

Vulk: Hello Flain

Flain: Hi Vulk, how are you

Vulk: well wanted to do with Zorch

Zorch: Ha, this if I would have a good time

Flain: guys, this something's wrong with me

Divebomb go and catch all three

Location: Mine

Kraker: Okay guys, it's time to play the super smash

Seismo: no thanks, I don't like to lose with your laughter

Shuff: oh come on don't be selfish

Kraker: well, what are we going to do

Seismo: we don't know what we're going to do

Robot of Giancarlo Lo Tito come and catch all three

Location: Mountain City

Teslo: I agree, that I can

Zaptor and Volectro is coming

Zaptor: Hi Teslo

Teslo: oh come on don't be annoying

Volectro: we want …

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Derpguy109 Derpguy109 5 May

Mixels Saw Game 2

Mixels Saw Game 2 (Aka Camillot Saw Game) is the game featuring Camillot from Mixels franchise.

Pigsaw has kidnapped Mixelot Family, Jamzy and Booger and is holding him captive inside his own school. Help Camillot escape before it's too late!

Location: Mixopolis Middle School

(Camillot enter his class and write on the board)

(Tv ON)

Pigsaw: Hello Camillot

Camillot: what's going on

Pigsaw: i want to play a Game

Camillot: wait a minute you are that you thought you were a psychopath

Pigsaw: although I was working with Teridax and this ascendants, and you are already waiting for you

Pigsaw: I am the ascendant of Makuta to serve as an enemy

Camillot: how could you be an allied

Pigsaw: I was an ally of makuta and perhaps, I have kidnapped your father King Mixa…

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Derpguy109 Derpguy109 4 May

Mixels Saw Game

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Vulk and Zorch to force Flain to play his twisted game, Help Flain rescue Vulk and Zorch before it's too late!

Protagonist: Flain

Victims: Vulk and Zorch

Villains: Nixel, Vultraz, Irnakk, Pridak, Axonn, Roodaka, Degrogak, Joker, Jelly & King Nixel.

Others: Inkagames Winner, Booger, Escorpi, Torts, Nurp-Naut, Gluth, Zaptor, Teslo, Camilot, Vaka-Waka, Slumbo, Certavus (ice estatue), Moxy, Ugly Dog, Lucky Bat, Ox, Babo.

Mixels Park



Abandoned Building

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Derpguy109 Derpguy109 25 April

Mixels series Have No Heroes

This happened to me that in the mixels series it is a series without heroes because its Members do not make sense

Please don't add this category, because it's cursed

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Fandom dying

Hello, I was wanted to know that People are forgetting about Mixels and I am one of the only people who remembers it. So, Hopefully, Mixels gets a new audience

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Hatsune miku111 Hatsune miku111 13 April



It is I, Hatsune from da Future.

I come from 2021, to tell you that I'm sorry for being such a dumb kid

I thought it was obvious I;m not japanese or older than 13

And i'm sorry









I'm currently a 13 year old transgender dude (boy to girl)

I love maps now

But I just cannot forget my love for Mixels.

Enjoy the rest of your day, the day after, and even after that.

Wish you the best,

Keep Up The Good Work :)

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RocketTV RocketTV 6 April

Mixels Series 10, 11 Ideas


Series 10

Series 11

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LTE-x64 LTE-x64 10 March

Cubit 1.0

Hello Mixels Fans. I'm Long Term Evolution x64 but you can call me LTE-x64. You may know me from the Mixels Wiki Discord Server. I show my drawings always in the Creative Corner Category in the #art Text Channel and I apologized one time. If you don't know me, then I'll say nice to meet you and you nice to meet me.

Today, I want to show you my work I have done that took me only 1 day to make and several hours. And you guessed it from the Blog's title. I introduce you the very first and brand new Presentation System called "Cubit 1.0". That's right! The very first Cubit System that ever existed to the Mixels World!

This is how the Cubit 1.0 Bootscreen looks like when you set up it for the first time and after completing the Setup ->

Let's star…

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Blubflubberfan27 Blubflubberfan27 1 February

Mixels not real and totally fake theme song.

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Blubflubberfan27 Blubflubberfan27 13 January

I can't really think of any unique and unused tribes can you help me plz


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MixJR13 MixJR13 6 January

Mixels Reboot


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Kaorujsen Kaorujsen 20 December 2020


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Lovediamondbird482 Lovediamondbird482 19 December 2020

I am now 22!

Hey guys it's me I want to say sorry about that I guess I got carried away but I just want to do a funny one today. I just well kinda messed up badly by the the posts from mastercheiftkelly38 1-8 blog post yeah it turns out to be a dare from my assistant Zadayah aka jessica my secondary that dare for me to marry mean and have kids i just took the dare and kinda went to far. Mesmo if you and everyone else was reading this I'm sorry. she was also.pranking me I mean she does has Zorch's half personally and look a like but she sometimes get carried away at times Vulderin aka Victoria my sidekick assistant was Vulk's look a like and personally she was a bit clumsy as for me kelly now as named Flaria look alike of Flain and personally is because…

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MixelsAreUnderrated MixelsAreUnderrated 13 December 2020

I get a badge if I make a blog post


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Scratchitout1 Scratchitout1 6 December 2020

what up

what up

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Amy0501 Amy0501 26 November 2020

LEGO Monsters Headcanon Tribes

Elektronix Are The Yellow & Purple Electric Type Monsters

Greengardens Are The Green Grass Type Monsters

Goldeerz Are The Black, Grey,& Gold Rock Type Monsters

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Sam Broadway Sam Broadway 25 October 2020

guess what?

I am adding some galleries to the catergories like elements and color tribes so yeah.

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Tarek Khemili II Tarek Khemili II 23 October 2020

LEGO Mixels PDF Instructions

I noticed that new, in-bag Mixels sets are hard to come by nowadays, and sometimes when people sell their pre-owned Mixels they don't come with Instructions.

I said something about this on Oct. 20, 2018 on Discord, and therefore made a .rar containing all Instructions for the characters, mixes, maxes, and murps that had instructions on lego.com/mixels. It ended up getting pinned, but now it's probably forgotten.

It seems that the instruction links on some pages don't really work anymore, as LEGO must have terminated them. Unfortunate. Thankfully I made this two years ago. I decided to post it here since not many people know I made this, and it would be nice to put here on the wiki since not everyone here has discord and/or is in the server,…

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BENSEGHIR777 BENSEGHIR777 12 October 2020

project MVA

  • 1 introduction
  • 2 what is it?
  • 3 how is it going?
  • 4 when and where is it coming?
    • 4.1 when:
    • 4.2 where:

so if you're active in MW discord or saw mixel mike's community tab or my youtube channel you will know i'm working on a project

if you saw the server

it's a reboot, like jackob's re-mixels or retro's mixels remixed.

there will be some changes to art style (maybe) and that's what the project is.

in terms of characters..5%

this excludes art and lego sets together


this project ISN'T as small as this post is and it will take more than the left 2 months to be finished

my YT channel , twitter account , discord server (not that much), and here


tbh i was planing on doing it in mixel mike's channel but he wanted to make it something exclusive for my channel (ev…

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Rschildkrote Rschildkrote 11 October 2020

Neuer Ordner

[link title[link title[link titlelink title]]]

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MixJR13 MixJR13 3 October 2020

Mystery Voices Background

Hey so I try find out who voice Mixel Backgrounds in EKHED and NNGA but I'm still working so here.

Jeff Bennett as Camillot, Ranger Jinx, Rocky

Richard Horvitz as Mixadel, Wott, Globbie

Daran Norris as Tiketz, Amphipod, Banjoe

Tom Kenny as Booger, Cayno, Brohawk, Boldurr

Andrew Kishino as Astroy, Squiddo

Rodger Bumpass as Narrator, Gate Keeper, Kid #08

Eric Bauza as Paladum, Mixamals, Zoo Animals

Cree Summer as Teacher, Jamzy, Pyrope

Phil Hayes as Coach, Kuffs, Incid #06

Dave Fennoy as King, Sergeant

Chris Cox as Principal, Busto, Combustor

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CMRdaawesomeguy CMRdaawesomeguy 24 September 2020

The Survey Results!

Do you remember the survey we held for the Mixels fandom a while ago? If not, well, there’s that! We’ve been working on a summary of the results for a while now, and we’re finally ready to share them all!

So, whether you’re looking to see how unpopular an opinion is, or been intrigued by how much a particular Mixel is liked, here’s the results! Now, to start..

  • 1 Community Experience (Section 1)
    • 1.1 “How did you get into Mixels?”
    • 1.2 “What year did you get into Mixels?”
    • 1.3 “How old are you now?”
    • 1.4 "Gender?”
  • 2 Cartoon (Section 2)
    • 2.1 “At what point did you start watching the show?”
    • 2.2 "What is your favorite short from the first wave?"
    • 2.3 “What is your favorite short from the second wave?”
    • 2.4 “What is your favorite special?”
    • 2.5 What did you like most about t…

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JacKobOriginal JacKobOriginal 21 September 2020

ReMixels: LEGO World Builder Project!


Introducing ReMixels! A LEGO World Builder project that aims to reboot the Mixels franchise and bring it back to its roots! (No Mixopolis-type lore changes here, folks!)

Hey all, I've been working on this project for months now (even before World Builder was even a thing), and now's the best time to reveal what I've been working on!

Basically, the whole world of ReMixels takes place on an island called Mixihooha Island, which is where the Mixels reside, each tribe is separated in different locations, and these tribes can vary from Fire Mixels (Infernites), Water Mixels (Aquaticals) or Rock Mixels (Cragsters).

Much like the original series, Mixels have an enemy called Nixels , whose only goal is to steal the cubits from the Mix…

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Mixelfan220 Mixelfan220 20 September 2020

My departure from the wiki.

Hello, I am here to annouse my departure from editing in the wiki. I made this desion because there are other frachises like animanaics I know more about. This desion I made was for the best and I hope to make more edits to other wikis. This is my final addion to the wiki. Goodbye.

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Tarek Khemili II Tarek Khemili II 10 September 2020

Calling All Mixels Speedruns!

Have you ever wanted to speedrun Calling All Mixels? ... No? Well now you can submit records to speedrun.com anyway!

If you would like to attempt any of these runs, make sure you read the rules on the site.

Click here to go to the page

  • 1 Current Categories
    • 1.1 All Levels
    • 1.2 All Mixels
    • 1.3 Individual Lands

Complete All Levels. You can complete them in any order, though it is recommended to go in order.

Rescue all Mixels. You do not have to play every single level, only mixel rescues.

Complete all levels in a single world. You can complete them in any order.

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ChromeSpreadSHot ChromeSpreadSHot 8 September 2020

flaindere scarlet

flaindre scarlet from tofu

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NinjaBrix NinjaBrix 30 August 2020

My Stop Motion!!!

Hello everyone, I have recently started a youtube channel in which I have made my first video! I made it Mixels themed as I have always loved this theme, and I thought it to be a decent start for my videos! Enjoy ;)

NinjaBrix (talk) 21:59, August 30, 2020 (UTC)

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA2eTg0tNlIFdGoV6753OOQ

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkXItxwa96g

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WalkingTelephone WalkingTelephone 24 August 2020

The Walking Telephone Movie

The Walking Telephone Movie is set to release in 2021.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Main Characters
    • 2.1 Heroes
  • 3 Trivia

While having fun with his friends in Telephonopolis, The Walking Telephone suddenly realizes that he had forgotten his old friends, The Running Telephone and The Dancing Telephone, so went to look everywhere for them but they're not there so he rushed home and he got a letter from the evil lord GrossStopper saying that he kidnapped them. So he along with his friends must go on a quest to defeat the evil Lord GrossStopper

  • This film will be based on the Walking Telephone Files and the Stickery Mayhem franchise by Kershaw 's Kerpob.
  • This movie will be animated in 2D which was used in the Mixels TV Series instead of the usual style of both Kerpob and NK's …

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Chikin Perete Chikin Perete 10 August 2020

Going-on-a-hiatus on Mixels wiki.

I posted a video where i rickroll firesnanti, how did i delete this????

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CMRdaawesomeguy CMRdaawesomeguy 5 August 2020

The FINAL Chat Party

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CMRdaawesomeguy CMRdaawesomeguy 25 July 2020

Mixels Fandom Survey

I know a lot of the users here use the wiki's Discord, but to those that don't, and aren't aware of this, we set up a survey for the Mixels fandom through Google Forms!

Been in the fandom a while? Just now got into it? Just here to see what the fuss of Mixels Unite is all about? What brought you to the fandom, and why did you choose to stay? Whatever the answer, share it here! Favorites, opinions, your experience with the community and what you want for it!

Link: https://forms.gle/LhqzYT7jAXUFTw5n8

Share this around if you can, this isn't just limited to the wiki community! The survey closes in 3 weeks.

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MixJR13 MixJR13 9 July 2020

Who Voice Skulzy?

Skulzy do talk in epiosde Nixel, Nixel, go away but crew forgot put name who voice just like Kraw and Scorpi but we can finger out we did review Kraw and Scorpi Voice, we just who voice Skulzy.

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Vance Brown Sucks Vance Brown Sucks 7 July 2020

My Drawing

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Jackaotter Jackaotter 14 June 2020

If Mixels had cousins

OK do you know that the infernites, The frosticons, and the glorp corp (from seasons 1, 2, and 3, respectively) All got cousins in seasons 4, 5, and 6, respectively. But what if the other Mixels have cousins?

Be sure to comment on this blog post! Bye!

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guys i really need to chat or i will implode!!!

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Trillano297 Trillano297 4 June 2020


0_/:_£&/5×^;://// £8889

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PersonThatDrinksJuice PersonThatDrinksJuice 31 May 2020

I heard some rumors....

That mixels will be rebooted in 2021

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SpuggIsCute2018 SpuggIsCute2018 27 May 2020

Will there be

Will there be a Mixels in MU based on Gummy Bear? :thonk:

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Tarek Khemili II Tarek Khemili II 27 May 2020

Join Mixelverse on Steam!

Hey everyone! Today I have come to the decision to make a brand new Steam group! This group is for Mixels fans, and so it is called Mixelverse. I hope to plan gaming-related events since it is Steam, but we can't do that if we don't have members! So what are you waiting for? Join today using the link below!



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PersonThatDrinksJuice PersonThatDrinksJuice 23 May 2020

Mixels opinon

The series ended to early

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SpuggIsCute2018 SpuggIsCute2018 22 May 2020


Trying to replicate Mixels Style progress!  

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Princess-Josie-Riki Princess-Josie-Riki 20 May 2020

Who is your favorite Mixel from each series?

My favorite Mixels from each series are...

Series 1 - Krader

Series 2 - Lunk

Series 3 - Scorpi

Series 4 - Globert

Series 5 - Gox

Series 6 - Vaka-Waka

Series 7 - Prince Camillot Mixelot

Series 8 - Sharx

Series 9 - Mysto

Others - Booger, Scrud, Blip and Zabo

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Jr788274 Jr788274 20 May 2020

The Ultimate Mixels OCs List.

  • 1 The Flexers 2.0
  • 2 The Moonlight
  • 3 Medival 2.0
  • 4 Someone's OCs
    • 4.1 Crayolin and her friends

  1. Billy
  2. Willow (My Mixsona)
  3. Muck

  1. Abby
  2. Hoggart
  3. Midnight

  1. Slapback
  2. Elena
  3. Soledad

  1. Crayolin
  2. Judow
  3. Helion
  4. Biolumy
  5. Coppea
  6. Conrad

And Many Others

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