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Bat creature

Bats, or vampires, are creatures on the Mixel Moon. They can be found in the Glowkies' caverns.


Physical Appearance

Some of them are cycloptic, while others have two or three eyes. They strongly resemble the Glowkies Max, only with two wings. Despite being seemingly organic, they are very Mixel-like in design. They also have a slight resemblance to Globert, due to having a similar body shape and two wings. Like Globert and Vampos, their wings can form into usable hands.


Mixel Moon Madness

They are first seen circling around the Orbitons and Infernites in an attempt to scare them. Later, when the

A large amount of Bats at the Glowkies' concert

Glowkies corner the two aforementioned tribes in their cavern, bats join them in dancing when they transform into the Glowkies Max; to prove that they are not evil and are just misunderstood.

Later, bats are seen in the audience while Globert, with help from his tribemates, performs Don't Pull The Plug!. A few bats even join in as backup dancers.


  • They are the first non-Mixel creature to exist on the moon.
  • They are the second non-Mixel creature that is an actual animal, the first being chickens.
  • They often take part in the Glowkies' performances and make up most of their audience.
  • They are the only creature that is neither a Mixel or a Nixel that is capable of speech.

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