[Slumbo, Vulk, Volectro and Krader are enjoying their snacks and making sounds of eating. Slumbo licks his ice cube and it falls onto Vulk's barbecue.]

Vulk: Hey! You got ice cube in my barbecue.

[Volectro belches his "zap zaps" into Krader's rocks.]

Krader: And you got zap zaps in my rocks! And...

Vulk: (Grinning.) ...it's...

Vulk and Krader: (Jumping up.) Delicious!

Everyone: Mix! (Slumbo and Vulk mix, Volectro and Krader mix)

[Cut to a stand. A Slumbo & Vulk Mix is behind it, wearing a paper hat.]

Slumbo & Vulk Mix: (Burps out two samples of Bar-B-Cubes onto a plate, speaking in Slumbo’s voice.) Get your piping hot, ice cold Bar-B-Cubes!

[Pan to another stand across the trail. A Volectro & Krader Mix is behind it.]

Volectro & Krader Mix: (Burps out small pile of rock pops, speaking in Volectro’s voice.) Get your fresh popped Rock Pops right here, just one muck!

[Gobba runs up the trail excitedly with a muck in hand.]

Gobba: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I got one muck! Now, where to spend it for eating snacks? (He licks his lips excitedly and goes over to the Bar-B-Cubes stand.) Free samples?

Slumbo & Vulk Mix: But, of course, sir. (Gobba sucks up the two samples like a vacuum.)

Gobba: Please sir, I would like to purchase--

Volectro & Krader Mix: Get your free sample Rock Pops! (Gobba zips over and sucks up sample.)

Gobba: I'll buy!

Slumbo and Vulk: (Offscreen.) Mix!

New Slumbo & Vulk Mix: (In Slumbo’s voice.) Free sample! (Launches a giant Bar-B-Cube into the air from his top.)

Gobba: Sample! (He jumps up and eats it, shivering.)

Volectro and Krader: Mix! (Volectro and Krader mix again and jump into the air, launching out waves of Rock Pops from his hand.)

[Slumbo and Vulk mix again and do the same, after a few seconds they stop and Gobba collapses onto the ground, his stomach distended. Vulk, Slumbo, Krader, and Volectro walk up to him.]

Vulk: So...

Krader: ...which snack...

Slumbo: ...are you...

Volectro: ...gonna buy?

Gobba: None! (Vulk, Krader, Slumbo and Volectro frown.) I'm stuffed!

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