[Episode starts in Nixel Land.]

Major Nixel: Alright, Nixels!

Nixel 3: Nix. (Salutes.)

Nixel 2: Nix. (Salutes.)

Nixel 1: Nix! (Hits Nixel 2 while doing salute.)

Major Nixel: (Pointing at a chalkboard with a crudely-drawn Zaptor, Seismo, and Cubit on it.) If we're gonna get serious about stopping the Mixels from mixing, we've gotta start by breaking all their Cubits! You're gonna bring an Infernite Cubit! (Throws Nixel 1.) And you're gonna bring me an Electroid Cubit! (Kicks Nixel 2.) And you! You're gonna bring me a Cragster Cubit! Now, start digging! (Shoves a shovel at Nixel 3, he starts digging and Nixel 1 runs in, his head on fire.) Back so soon?! Where's my Infernite Cubit?! (Nixel 3 comes out of the hole.) What happened to you? (Nixel 3 falls, revealing a footprint on his back.) Uh oh! A Cragster footprint! Ah! These Nixels are hopeless! (Electricity zaps him and Nixel 2 appears in another zap.) Well, Nixel?

Nixel 2: Nix. Nix. (Takes out a Cragster/Electroid Cubit from his backpack.)

Major Nixel: (Maniaclly laughs.) A Cubit! (Zaptor & Seismo Mix appears from Nixel 2's backpack.) IT'S A MIX!! (Zaptor & Seismo Mix summons floating rocks that surround and shock him.) YOU GUYS ARE DUM-DUMS!!

[Nixels laugh.]

Nixel 1: Nix!

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