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The Advertisement Mixel is an unseen character in Mixels.


Physical Appearance

The Advertisement Mixel is pictured being grayscale in color. They have a rectangular body with a striped belly. He has short legs that connect to somewhat long toed feet. They have four teeth on his lower jaw and top jaw, alongside three eyes on his head. They appear to have fin-like horns protruding from their top middle eye. Their arms are long, with both holding an I-Cubit.


  • Their only appearance is on an advertisement for the I-Cubit.
  • During the advertisement of the I-Cubit, they are shown to separate into individual parts.
  • It is unknown if this Mixel actually exists.
  • They, Professor Mixelpuss, the Misical Muxels, and the Maximum Mixel are the only characters that weren't seen in their real forms.


TV series

Season 2



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