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Take this key and never let it out of your sight!
Maximum Mixel shadow puppet

Quest for the Mixamajig, copyrighted and publicized as A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, is the second episode in the second season of Mixels, and the twenty-third episode overall. It is also the third half-hour special. It first aired on September 26, 2015.


A group of Mixels set out on a request for the Mythical mixamajig, not knowing that it is part of King Nix's evil plot. [sic][1]

The Mixels race against each other for the ultimate treasure called the ‘Mixamajig,’ not knowing it is part of King Nixel’s plot to destroy the entire Mixelverse![3]

Snoof gets a special key and assumes he is the chosen one. But, everyone else wants a piece of it.[4][note]

All of the colorful and mixed-up crews and the fun-loving tribes get together for yet another journey across the mythical land of Mixtopia, as they go on a Mixel quest that is filled with adventure and good or bad connections.[5]

The Mixels embark on a thrilling adventure in the lands of Mixtopia.[6]

Main Listing

A quest for the lost mixamajig.[2]

Secondary Listing

The Weldos and the Munchos arrive.[7]

Our favorite mixing creatures are back with new stories, new tribes, and new combinations! Two new tribes emerge: the Weldos, who are builders, and the Munchos, who can transform almost anything into dinner.[8]

The enemy to the Mixels, King Nixel, has again prepared a nasty plan by which he wants to fool and destroy the Mixels. Different tribes set out to search for the mysterious Mixamajig and compete to see who will find it first. Supposedly, when the object is left to one Mixel, their every wish will come true, but that is of course by no means true.[9]

Episode Summary

Act I

"This time, we'll use MY feeble plan."

In Nixels Land, King Nixel enters and walks through his throne room, while his Nixels bow to him. He monologues about how much he hates the Mixels and their mixing as he sits down on his throne. Major Nixel approaches, and the King begins to scold him for failing to defeat the Mixels. King Nixel threatens that if the Major loses again, he'll have his moustache. Major tells him that he has a new plan, but as he says this, King's moustache pops off of his face. Shocked, Major Nixel catches it as he lays face-first on the ground. King Nixel's voice turns from deep to nasally as he says to Major that he "never saw anything", then he puts the moustache back on. Finally, he says to Major that he doesn't need any more of his plans, and that he'll use his own. Using the Gobba & Tentro Mix in fantasy, King shows Major what happens when Mixels don't get along. As they speak, Nixels work on a plan that will "plant a seed of discontent" and have the Mixels "at each other's throats". It'll "lure them with false treasure" and "gather them in one place so they can be easily exterminated". King continues, saying that they'll find one simple-minded Mixel and send them on an adventure that they will never forget. He then sends Major Nixel off to find this Mixel.

You'll find your place somewhere, Snoof.

Meanwhile, the Frosticons are having fun sliding around in the Frozen Volcanoes. However, Snoof wishes for something more, and wants to be someone special. Krog is angry at this, and calls him down from the mountain top.

Back in Nixels Land, Major Nixel consults a few Nixels to see what Mixels they have found to be potential "chosen ones". They spy on Berp ("too munchy") and Volectro ("too late"), but eventually settle on Snoof ("somebody dimwitted enough"), who is still complaining about his ordinary life. King Nixel sneaks up from behind and says that Snoof better be careful about what he wishes for. Two Nixels then load into a metal capsule and get flung toward Mixel Land.

Meanwhile again, Snoof crosses his fingers for a sign from Maximum Mixel. The capsule soars through the sky over Snoof, who chases after it and crashes into Krog and Chilbo, who follow Snoof. In the Swamplands, the capsule is then spotted flying overhead by Gurggle and Dribbal. Gurggle thinks it's a Mixeroid, to which Dribbal responds "My grandmother had one of those!". The Frosticons then run right through the two Glorp Corp, who tag along with them to see what the capsule really is. Slusho then tries to catch up. King Nixel decides that the capsule have a soft landing in Muncholand. At the same time, the Munchos are having a party. Vaka-Waka and Snax wait for food to come, which is then served by Berp. After eating the food (and Berp), Vaka then notices the capsule starting to land, and the Munchos head towards the crash site in the field of mixmallows. The Frosticons and Glorp Corp do the same.

The quest begins.

The three tribes gather and look down the large hole where the capsule crashed. Chilbo mistakes it for a rock, Snax for an egg, and Dribbal for an egg-rock. Snoof is pretty sure it is meant for him, considering the fact that he asked for a sign. Gurggle isn't so sure and says that the Glorp Corp found it too, so they should take ownership. The Munchos say otherwise because it crashed in their land. Right as the Frosticons begin to counter-argue, the capsule starts to shake, open, and emit bright blue light from out of the hole. A shadow puppet of Maximum Mixel, controlled by the Nixels inside the capsule, appears in a hologram to the nine Mixels. It introduces itself. Krog is successfully tricked and apologizes to Snoof for doubting him, and the latter accepts the apology. Krog then gives him a playful noogie. However, once "Maximum Mixel" says they need to go on a quest, he strangles Snoof. The puppet explains that they need to search for wondrous riches in the form of the long lost Mixamajig, which can grant its possessor their wildest Mixing hopes and dreams. All of the Mixels then begin to question how worthy they are. Snoof really hopes he is the key bearer, and his wish is granted: a golden key with an eye on it is handed to him. The Glorp Corp cousins are upset that Snoof is chosen, questioning "Maximum Mixel"'s decision. Just before the hologram disappears, the puppet promises that the key will show them the way to the Mixamajig. He then bids farewell to them.

No one can stop him now!

Waka brings up that they should all travel together, and Krog adds to this idea with the condition that they not tell anyone else about what they are doing. While the other eight Mixels are distracted, Snoof speeds away with the key so he can take all of the glory for himself. Krog feels betrayed and cries. To catch up to Snoof, everyone else makes the Mondo Mixes. Snoof realizes that the others are on his tail and tries to avoid getting crushed by them, but to no avail. Much to the joy of King Nixel, a civil war for the key ensues between Snoof and the Mixes. Eventually, all three of the Mixes collide, and the Mixels return to their individual forms. Snoof angrily stresses to them that the key is his. The three tribes finally agree to work together, even though Snoof is disappointed. Gurggle spots a village down the road, and the key brings them toward there.

Act II

In a building in Klinkerton, Gox complains about how the age of the Klinkers has died. He flaunts his whistle, and Jinky his bells. Gox tells Jinky how "yesteryear" his bells are. He then vows that the company will make a comeback, but they just need one special thing to get back on top. Gox looks out the window and sees the whole group of questing Mixels wandering through the town. He gets an enthusiastic Jinky to arrange a meeting with them.

What brings a group of wandering Mixels to Klinkerton?

Not much later, Jinky introduces the three tribes to Gox. Gox welcomes the nine and asks them to state their business. Krog states they don't have any business, while Snoof says it's a secret. Gox says he admires a Mixel who can keep a secret. He then questions Snoof's key, and Snoof almost explains that it will bring them to the long lost Mixamajig. Berp adds that Klinkerton was only meant to be a pitstop. Before they can leave, however, Kamzo whispers something to Gox. Gox then tells them that it's not often they get visitors, so he shows them the symbol of the Klinkers on the door: a wheel. As Gox explains Klinker Inc.'s hard times as of late, the wheel starts to spin rapidly, hypnotizing the Mixels to the point that they become drowsy. Gox snaps his fingers so Snoof obeys what he says. As Snoof proclaims himself as the chosen one, Gox denies this and takes the key. With that, the Klinkers follow the key out of Klinkerton and to the desert. The Jinky & Kamzo Mix is formed and Gox rides it away. Meanwhile, the nine Mixels are still asleep in Klinkerton. They wake up and realize that the key was stolen, and head out. Everyone, together, makes the Frosticons, Glorp Corp and Munchos Mix and chase after the Klinkers.

The Lixers mess with the key.

All four tribes end up in Lixer Land. The Klinkers then get stuck in a swamp. Jinky and Kamzo split, and the three start walking through the muck. Jinky begins to hear noises. Tungster swoops in and gives a big lick to the Klinkers. Disgusted, the tribe tries to Max, but unfortunately it turns into the Klinkers Murp. Just as they realize that the key is missing, Turg starts to attack them. The nine original questers agree helping is the right thing to do, so Krog and Slusho combine and drop random objects so that the Lixer is startled. When everybody is safe, Gox apologizes for the Klinkers' actions earlier, while Kamzo tries to crack a joke. Snoof still worries about where the key went. As if on cue, everybody sees the key in Spugg's mouth. Krog gets an idea and starts to play fetch with Spugg. Sure enough, Spugg brings the key back and then playfully attacks Krog. Later on, the five tribes are together and listening to Snoof. He finally says that he is willing to share in the "wonderfulness" once the Mixamajig is found, which pleases the rest.

Meanwhile, the Nixels are still spying on them, and Major Nixel reports to King that every member of the Mixel species has arrived at the threshold of the Mixamajig. Many Mixels, such as Globert, Zaptor and Burnard, claim that they are the chosen ones, due to them also having keys. Snoof shouts "Every Mixel for himself!", and the race is on. All of the Mixels enter the threshold, each hoping to find the Mixamajig. Snoof and Krog arrive at the keyhole first. They use the key and see that the Mixamajig is on the top of a large structure that erupted from the ground. As they start to climb, the other Mixels do the same. Snoof, with the help of Slusho, gets to the structure's peak first. He grabs the Mixamajig, a simple egg-beater, and whacks the other Mixels back. Snoof uses the device; however, it falls apart. Immediately, everyone realizes that the Mixamajig is a hoax, but it's too late; a Nixel airship puts all of the Mixels in a giant sack.

A battle of the ages.

King Nixel walks over and maniacally laughs, saying that from now on, the only colors will be black and white. With all of the Mixels crowded and trapped, everybody panics. Snoof admits his selfishness. He tells everybody not to give up; and so, the tribes Max their way out. Major Nixel, scared, flees the scene in the airship. However, King Nixel doesn't back down. He removes his cloak, revealing that he is made up of other Nixels. More Nixels begin to amalgamate with him, and he transforms into a gigantic, armored form. The Maxes start to attack, but their effort proves fruitless. Together, they combine into the Ultra-Miximum Max and get into a showdown with King Nixel. The ultimate Max slimes, freezes, and breaks King to pieces. Revealed to be a normal-sized Nixel, King Nixel cries and runs off to his mother, promising that the Mixels won't get away with what they have done.

"Now that's amazing!"

The Max splits into all of the individual Mixels, and Waka questions where they are, while Gox asks what they are going to do now. A hole is drilled from under the ground, and the Weldos Kramm and Forx come out of it. Kramm tells the Mixels that the area is slated for construction, so they can't stay there. He then asks what they are doing there. Snoof answers and says that they were searching for the Mixamajig, but it was all a hoax. Kramm laughs at how they fell for the legend, and then says "Who needs a Mixamajig when you've got Mixopolis!" The group are confused on what Mixopolis is, and Wuzzo appears, cuts down the wall and presents the new city. A new era of the Mixels has begun.


For a full transcript of "A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig", click here.



Major Characters

Minor Characters

Italicized characters have lines.

Background Mixels




Bold marks debut in the show.


Production Information

  • There was a slightly longer hiatus in-between Mixel Moon Madness and this episode than there was in-between Season 1 and Season 2, at 6 months and 17 days.
  • It was confirmed by season two character designer Miranda Dressler that this would be 22 minutes,[10] the same length as Mixel Moon Madness.
    • Also, according to Miranda Dressler, production of this episode was in progress by early June 2015.[11]
  • The episode is the first to be animated overseas, having been shipped from Digital eMation, Inc in Korea in mid-September.[12] With a smoother art style done in traditional animation, this is the first episode to deviate from the previous Toon Boom-based animation done at Atomic Cartoons.
  • The episode was written and storyboarded by Michael Diederich and Skip Jones,[13] the latter of which is new to the crew.
  • On September 21, 2015, a 30-second clip of this episode was posted on Facebook,[14] in anticipation of its release.
    • On September 24, a slightly shorter-length clip featuring the opening scene with King Nixel was posted on the LEGO Club website.[15]
  • The episode's title has been referred to as multiple different shortenings or alterations of it:
    • The Quest for the Lost Mixamajig[16] - Used on TV listings for the UK, and on Cartoon Network US's site.
    • Quest for Mixamajig[17] - The shortened title used in LEGO Club Magazine's revelation of the special.
    • The Quest for the Mixamajig[18] - The title used in the UK commercial for the special.
    • Wave 6 or Sixth Wave - Certain countries and listings referred to the episode as simply a special in promotion of Series 6.
  • This is the first half hour special to be a single, concurrent episode, in where the Mixel Moon Madness special was produced as a batch of shorts - the longest of them, "Tall Tales From Da Moon!," being 9 minutes. This standard would be carried over for the rest of the series.
  • On October 6, 2015, Cartoon Network released two clips from the episode on their website. Strangely, the second clip starts midway through the events of the first one.
  • When this episode aired in the UK (and presumably other countries), scenes with closeups on the Maximum Mixel shadow puppet in the light are dimmed.
  • A voice recording session for this episode was shown in The Wonderful World of Mixels. This means that it probably took place sometime in July 2015, when the documentary was filmed.
  • A demo reel of a modified line of King Nixel's was found on SoundCloud by voice actor Jeffery Scott Hendrick, possibly as a demo take for the special.[19]

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on September 26, 2015 during a Teen Titans Go! marathon and received a total of 1.053 million viewers.[20] It was the first episode to air on TV standalone with a released ratings report for its premiere.

  • The episode had encore presentations on September 30, October 2nd, and December 13th; the latter during the LEGO Day event leading up to the premiere of Nexo Knights.[2]
  • In Poland, this episode was broadcasted following reruns of both Mixel Moon Madness and Mixed Up Special.[21]
  • The CHECK it 4.0. "Next" bumper for the episode uses a scene from High Five.
  • When the episode aired in the UK, the first commercial break happened after Jinky says "Right away, sir!"
  • When the episode aired in some countries, there is an extra commercial break after the scene in which Spugg is licking Krog.
  • This episode was skipped over in Canada and Portugal for unknown reasons.
  • The Arabic dub of this episode cut out the scene of King Nixel's mustache popping off of him. After Major Nixel is silenced the first time, the viewer is immediately introduced to King Nixel's plan.
    • Additionally, all of the shots of the Nixels bowing down to King Nixel were zoomed in to have the Nixels out of sight, or cut out entirely. This caused about 40 seconds cut off the episode, the heaviest censor Mixels has received internationally.
  • This is the last episode to have had at least one rerun in the United States.

International airings

Most airings took place in October 2015.

International airings
September 2015
Date Countries Title Reference
26 United States A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
28 Canada A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
October 2015
3 United Kingdom & Ireland The Quest for the Mixamajig [22]
South East Asia Quest for the Mixamajig [23]
Taiwan 合體小精靈Nixel國王的陰謀 TBA
4 Vietnam Thế Giới Mixel [24]

Latin America

Una búsqueda de la perdida Mixelmagico

MENA countries

ميكسلز البحث عن ماكسيماجي [25]
17 Poland W poszukiwaniu zaginionego Mixamajig [26]
Spain La búsqueda del Mixamajig (Boing) [27]
Japan Wave 6 スペシャル [28]
South Korea 믹셀 스페셜-Mixel wave 6 [29]
18 Germany Die Suche nach dem verlorenen Mixamajig [30]
23 Denmark TBA [31]
Norway TBA [32]
Sweden TBA [33]
24 CEE countries TBA [34]
RSEE countries The Quest for the Lost Mixamajig [35]
??? Netherlands TBA [36]
Italy Alla Ricerca del Mixamajig Perduto [37]
Portugal Em Busca do Mixamajig Perdido [38]
Other unknown European feeds TBA
November 2015
Date Countries Title Reference
21 South Africa Mixels Weekend
29 France La quête du Mixamajig perdu [39]


  • The Klinkers, 2015 Frosticons, Lixers, Weldos (who only make a quick appearance at the end), 2015 Glorp Corp and Munchos appeared, introducing the Series 5 and 6 characters into the show.[40]
  • This is the first episode to not use Flash animation,
    • This makes it the first time that two different series debuted in one episode; the second being Nixel, Nixel, Go Away.
  • This episode reuses scene transitions first introduced in Mixed Up Special and Mixel Moon Madness.
  • This episode introduces the concept of three-character Mixes (that aren't Maxes of the same tribe), as well as Mixes of more than three characters from any tribe.
  • A new location, Mixopolis, is introduced.
  • There is a Mix of all of the Mixels from Series 1 through 6 (except for the Weldos), to battle against King Nixel. Thus, this reveals that Maxes can Mix.
  • This episode has the most Maxes of any episode, with eighteen.
  • The Orbitons and Glowkies from Mixel Moon visit Planet Mixel, just like in the last scene of Mixel Moon Madness.
  • This episode has yet another new opening sequence, with all of the Series 5 and 6 Mixels.
    • This is the fifth time the opening sequence has changed.
      • The opening of this episode is the first opening not to showcase the individual tribes and their habitats. This may have been due to the extensive amount of Mixels introduced.
  • This episode reveals that the Mixels worship a "Maximum Mixel" like some sort of god.
  • The background used in the credits of the episode is a black-and-white version of the one used in Mixel Moon Madness' credits.
  • This episode uses Major Nixel's design from Mixels Rush, consisting of an updated moustache and the addition of ears. His voice actor is also different again; Peter Jason replaces Fred Tatasciore in season one and Rodger Bumpass in Mixel Moon Madness.
    • Also, this is the second time Major Nixel's voice is changed.
  • This episode reveals that Seismo has a mouth behind his mouthpiece, as shown at the near end of the episode when Kramm introduces Mixopolis.
  • Strangely, this episode was never added to iTunes and Google Play, yet Every Knight Has Its Day (which aired after) got added.
  • Out of all the characters who appear in this episode, only Spugg and Scorpi appear in Every Knight Has Its Day, others do not appear until Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, and still further, this episode marks the last appearance for certain Mixels.
    • For example, Flain appears for the eleventh and final time.
  • This is the first episode to not be available to be purchased on digital stores,
  • In the scene where the Munchos, Frosticons and Glorp Corp find the egg, the lighting gets lowered in the French version for unknown reasons, likely because the light in the original version was too bright.


  • This is the fourth time the fourth wall is broken. ("Rockball", "Elevator", "Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This episode is built off of the cliffhanger present at the end of Mixel Moon Madness.
  • This episode takes place after Mixels Rush, due to the ending of the game.
  • This is the third special in the show. ("Mixed Up Special", "Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This is the fourth appearance of Nixels Land. ("Another Nixel", "Nixel "Mix Over"", "Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This is the third episode where a Rainbow Cubits appears. ("Mixed Up Special", "Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This is the second episode where an object is fought over. ("Cookironi")
  • This is the fourth time a Mixel cries. ("Murp", "Mailman", "Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This is the second time a combination of beans and bacon is mentioned. ("Mixel Moon Madness")
  • The second special to have "I'm scared" as a line. ("Mixed Up Special")
  • Burnard says "That's messed up." ("Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This is the seventh episode with a Max; however, it's the third with all Maxes from a series.
  • This is the third episode to have the background turn completely white. ("Pothole", "Mixel Moon Madness")
  • This episode once again hinted at the idea of female characters and family relationships ("Vaudeville Fun"), as Dribbal mentions his grandmother, and King Nixel his mother.


This episode has the most errors of any episode produced, probably due to the animators being new.

  • At the end of the episode, Gurggle's bottom two teeth are shown when his mouth is closed.
  • If you pause at the right moment during the intro, Forx has an extra foot disconnected from his body for a brief second and while he chases Vaka-Waka, the cones in Waka's mouth are not completely inside while running.
  • Wuzzo's eyebrows are missing during the intro.
  • When King Nixel is approaching the Nixels, his mouth does not move when he says "assortment".
  • When Snoof is following the Egg-Rock, he said, "I knew it, I knew it!" Here, he's not moving his mouth, just smiling.
  • Slusho does not have any slime on his wings throughout the entire episode.
  • When Vaka-Waka first shows up, his tongue is briefly shown yellow when he opens his mouth, and turns back to the regular pink in later shots.
  • When the Frosticons are looking down into the hole, Snoof's neck is blue, instead of grey. It returns to normal colors after shifting back from the egg-rock.
  • When Gurggle starts talking about who owns the capsule, Chilbo's body is missing.
  • When Vaka-Waka asks Gurggle "Who are you?", Snax blinks, and before his eye fully opens, part of his eye turns purple for a brief second.
  • The shadow puppet cannot move its mouth and eyes. But its hologram is able to move them.
  • During the Maximum Mixel puppet scene, Krog has a tenth tooth.
  • When Dribbal snorts out snot, Gurggle is seen with visible eyebrows.
  • Waka sometimes speaks with Vaka's voice.
  • Krog's eye shards are in the wrong places many times throughout the episode.
  • When Waka says "Oh my", his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Krog, Chilbo, the Glorp Corp and the Munchos are seen mixing altogether, Slusho has arms and wings.
  • Shortly after being formed, the cycloptic Mondo Mix's eyelid changes from white to purple to white in some shots.
    • Also that same mix’s tail pipe flame changes from red to blue in some shots.
  • The round-bodied Mondo Mix doesn’t move his mouth when he says “Got It!” and “Hey!”.
  • In one of the scenes where Slusho, as well as the others, are seen angry at Snoof, except for his lower jaw, part of his head has the wrong shade of green.
    • The stripe on Gurggle's body is grey instead of black.
    • Snax's bottom jaw is completely black, without the purple stripe on the top.
  • Whenever "Klinker(s)" is spoken out loud, the closed captions misspell it as "Clinkers".
  • Jinky's body is brown instead of grey during his first scene.
  • Jinky’s eyelids switch from brown to grey in some shots.
  • When Gox says "Klinkers Inc. is going to make a comeback!", if you look closely, his mouth doesn't move at all.
  • Even though Gurggle's teeth cannot be seen when he closes his mouth, they can when Jinky first shows the Mixels to Gox.
  • When Jinky introduces the Frosticons, Munchos, and Glorp Corp to Gox, Krog's three top teeth are shown even though his mouth is closed.
  • When Krog answers Gox's question, Chilbo is missing his teeth.
  • In one scene where Gox asks what Snoof's secret is, Jinky's right foot's wheel is brown.
  • When Berp says they were in Klinkerton for a pit-stop, his head is much bigger than his jaw. Also, his arms are shorter.
  • When Kamzo is whispering to Gox, part of Jinky’s top jaw is missing.
  • When Gox says "Not so fast!", Kamzo is gone, even though he was just standing right next to him.
  • When Krog agrees to stay in Klinkerton for a little while, part of his ice shards on the left side of his eye disappeared and reappeared.
  • When Gox wanted to show the Frosticons, Munchos, and Glorp Corp something before they were hypnotized, Chilbo's eyebrows are light blue instead of black.
    • This happens again when he enters the keyhole of the Mixamajig.
      • The bottom of Gox's gold finger is grey.
      • Dribbal's eyelids are gray rather than green.
      • Krog's outer icy eye is white instead of blue.
  • When Jinky closes his mouth, his underbite switches from showing one tooth, three teeth, and no teeth at all throughout the episode.
  • When Kamzo and Jinky fall to the water in Lixer Land after Un-mixing, Kamzo´s bottom teeth switch to upper teeth.
  • Before Krog and Slusho Mixed, Snoof's eyebrow is transparent and Slusho´s spike is green instead of lime. It was later solid after they did so.
    • This happens again after the Ultra Miximum Max demixes. This time, it is gone, and his boosters disappear.
    • Also in that same scene, Chilbo and Dribbal aren’t seen with them.
  • When Turg licks the Klinkers Murp, His eyelid is yellow instead of gray.
  • Spugg's mane has different colors, compared to his promotional art and LEGO form; having a light-yellow/yellow mane in the episode, but having an orange/yellow mane elsewhere.
  • When Snoof is talking to everyone before the Mixel congregation scene, Vaka-Waka's arm is grey instead of purple and Dribbal is not seen with them.
  • When Snoof is talking to the Klinkers, Frosticons 2015, Glorp Corp 2015, Munchos, and the Lixers, Turg's tongue is yellow instead of red. It switches back to red in the next cut.
  • After Krog agrees with Snoof, everyone, except Slusho and Tungster, lifts their hands up in agreement, but don't change their face expression.
  • When Jinky asks who the other Mixels are, he speaks with Gurggle's voice.
  • When he saw the other Mixels, Volectro's silhouette was seen holding the key, but in the keyhole scene, Zaptor holds it instead.
  • When the 2015 Frosticons, Lixers, Klinkers, 2015 Glorp Corp and Munchos reached the portal and Jinky saw other Mixel silhouettes, there were two Globert silhouettes.
  • In the keyhole congregation scene, both when the silhouettes are reaching the threshold and when all the Mixels are seen in a large crowd, Chilbo oddly arrives with another group of Mixels.
  • In the Mixel congregation scene, a few Maxes appear, even though some individual Mixels that are a part of these Maxes are also present.
    • Glurt and Torts are seen with Snoof and the others, but Chilbo isn’t.
    • Jawg only has a left eye and not a right eye.
    • Flain is missing his head flame.
    • Niksput's wings are transparent.
    • Flain, Vulk, Slumbo, Burnard, Vampos and Niksput don't have the white parts of their eyes.
  • If you look at Glomp in the scenes where he is shown, he does not have any slime from his nose at all.
  • Tentro has a different shade of orange compared to Kraw and Balk.
    • So is Volectro's yellow compared to Teslo and Zaptor's.
  • In the keyhole congregation scene, Globert's jaw is brighter and his wings are black instead of navy blue.
    • This looks like his preliminary artwork.
    • Also, in the far shot of the keyhole congregation scene, he appears to have both wings and arms, the latter in which was holding the key instead of his wings.
  • In the scene where Zaptor holds the key, Teslo's tail is missing.
  • In the keyhole congregation scene and at the end of the illusion scene, Flamzer's tail is not lit. However, it is lit when the shot focuses on him and Burnard.
  • The Infernites Max appears instead of any Infernite Mixels and enters with the other Mixels into the threshold.
  • When the Mixels enter the threshold of the Mixamajig, Volectro and Zaptor are both seen holding keys.
    • Footi is not seen holding a key in the same scene.
  • When Hoogi appears in the illusion scene, the dark part behind his mouth is briefly layered incorrectly above his mouth until it opens.
  • In the illusion scene, Meltus is seen holding a key, even though he was not a chosen ome.
  • In the far shot of the Mixamajig Threshold tower, the silhouettes of several Mixels are shown more than once.
  • In the Latin American Version, the phrase "Hey! This isn´t the Ultimate Mixamajig!" is said by Snax and not Slusho.
  • When the Mixels arrive at the top of the pillar where the Mixamajig rests, Seismo briefly appears behind Jinky.
  • If you look closely when some of the Mixels are seen heading up the tower, Krader's big arm can be seen as his left arm.
  • While captured inside King Nixel's trap, Burnard has an underbite.
    • At the same time, Forx is seen with the kidnapped Mixels, even though he was meant to be with the Weldos at the time. The Spikels Max is also seen kidnapped even though Scorpi and Footi are individually seen.
  • After Snoof gives his speech in the bag,
    • Krog has four upper teeth.
    • Gox's whistle can be seen on his head.
    • Jinky has a little extra grey on his head.
  • When all the tribes Max against King Nixel, the 2015 Frosticons Max and Electroids Max do not appear. However, the latter shows up right before the Ultra-Miximum Max is formed.
  • When King Nixel says "Oh yeah! Nixels, amalgamate!" his mouth is off-sync with his words. This happens again when he says "You puny things...". Lastly, during the fight, sometimes his mouth doesn't move when he talks.
  • Sometimes, the Nixels don't move their mouths when they say "Nix".
  • If you pause at the right moment before the fight with King Nixel, Jinky is flying instead the Klinkers Max.
  • When Mixopolis is revealed, the 2015 Infernites Max can be seen despite the fact that Burnard and Flamzer were seen unmixed right before.
    • Wuzzo is stepping in a green square in the same scene.
  • Dave Fennoy is credited for voicing Boogly despite him not having any lines.
  • Once again, the "Sound Effects Editor" credit in the end credits misspells "Sound" as "Soung."
  • At the end of the episode when the Mixels are landing on the ground, Snoof is missing his eyebrow and jet boosters.


  • The LEGO Movie - Whoever has the key is considered "the chosen one", just like how whoever has the Piece of Resistance is considered "The Special". Also, the prophecy ends up being fake just like in the film.
  • Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks - King Nixel's proclamation that he "hates the Mixels to pixels" is a reference to the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, where Mr. Jinks the cat would express his dislike of mice Pixie and Dixie by exclaiming that he "hates those meeces to pieces".
  • The Three Musketeers - Krog says "From now on, it's all for one, and one for all!", referencing the story.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel - Jinky plays the nursery rhyme "Pop Goes the Weasel" on his bells.

Memorable Quotes

Major Nixel: Your highness, I assure you we—
King Nixel: SILENCE, MAJOR! You have failed to crush the Mixels!
Major Nixel: Y-yes, Your Hugeness! But, we’re getting reeeallly close…
King Nixel: SILENCE! This time, you will not fail me, Major. Or I’ll have your pretty mustache!
Major Nixel: No-no-no-no, Your Greatness! In fact, I have a plan!
Snoof: Gee, everyday is the same ol' thing. We climb to the top of the hill and back down. For what? It all just seems so ordinary! I want something more. I want to be someone special!
Krog: Snap out of it, Snoof, and get your tuckus down here!
Slusho: What is it?
Chilbo: It’s a rock!
Snax: It’s an egg!
Dribbal: It’s an egg-rock!
Gox: We weren't always Klinkers, you know. We were captains of industry, sleek and polished, state of the art. We had all the bells and whistles, baby. I have an excellent whistle. You ever hear my whistle?
Jinky: Yeah, check out me bells.
Gox: That is so yesteryear!


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