Não Coloque Esta Tomada é uma música cantada pelos Glowkies (principalmente Globert)    
Mixels - Glowkies' Dont Pull That Plug song

Mixels - Glowkies' Dont Pull That Plug song

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Globert: Hello, hello, all you little monsters out there! Welcome to the fantabulous Glowkie Cave! So glad you could join us for a bit of fun!

♪You know, it’s paradise down here, in the dank and the dark. ♪

♪Where the light never shines, yet the fun has its spark! ♪

♪We’re subterranean babies, down in the Glowkies Cave. ♪

♪So unleash your inner monster, ‘cause we’re having a rave! ♪

♪If you’re gonna hang around here, we have one thing to say: ♪

♪A law was handed down to us, you’ve got to obey! ♪

Globert/Vampos Mix: ♪It’s the one golden rule that you don’t wanna shrug! ♪

♪Don’t pull or tug on the gravity plug! ♪

♪Sweep you under the rug! ♪

Morcegos: ♪The gravity plug! ♪

Burnard: Heh-heh…gravity plug?! Heh-heh-heh…uh…I’m going for some popcorn!

Meltus: Get us a couple of bags, too!

Globert/Vampos Mix: ♪So embrace the darkness, just give it a hug! ♪

♪Even though it might be tempting, stay away from that plug! ♪

♪Should you yank out that stopper, then you’re sure to find, ♪

♪That we’ll all go down together, where the sun don’t shine! ♪

Max Glowkie: ♪Don’t pull that plug! ♪

Burnard: ♪Gotta pull the plug! ♪

Max Glowkie : ♪Don’t give it a tug, ♪

Morcegos, Meltus, Naut: ♪Don’t pull the plug! ♪

Burnard: (Struggling noises.)

Glowkies Max: ♪Lay you out like a rug! ♪

Morcegos: ♪Don’t pull the plug! ♪

Rokit: Hey there, cadet, what are you up to? Don’t do that! Whoa!

Rokit e Burnard: Mix!

Burnard/Rokit Mix: Ha-hah!

Max Glowkie : ♪You’ll be buggin’ if you start tuggin’! ♪

Morcegos: ♪Don’t pull the plug! ♪

Max Glowkie : Fabulous! ♪You’ll be illin’ once you start pullin’! ♪

Oh, yes! Oh-ho-ho, wonderful! Yes! Thank you! Goodnight!

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